28 comments on “If Coffee was a sound

    • Thanks for visiting Dom! It was a fun exercise – and most of the people I asked looked at me like I was crazy 🙂 some simply said it sounded like a percolator, espresso machine etc – the sounds associated with making and drinking a good cup, but some just stared for a few seconds, smiled and hit me with amazing suggestions.

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  1. I do something similar with my second graders when we write color poetry; however, your poem almost makes me want to drink coffee.


  2. A few color poems from my students…

    Sunset is the fiery sun through
    a window. It sounds like the click
    of a car light and tastes
    like a hot ball in my mouth.
    It looks like the crisp apple
    on a happy tree,
    the gas of the flaming sun.

    Straw is a sour lemon being
    burnt by a sunbeam.
    It sounds like high-pitched
    whistles and screams from the
    playground and tastes like
    a salty lime being spiced. It looks
    like highlighters drawing on
    yellow paper and feels like
    a stinging, but smooth freshly cleaned counter.

    Pearl is white metal from the park.
    It sounds like kids tapping on a hard box and tastes like flour.
    Pearl looks like hard spheres under the sea and feels like hot

    Some of them really get into it and it’s fun to watch them hear the words out loud and in their head. 🙂

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  3. Thank you so much for sharing these poems – I love them all! I particularly love these lines from each poem:
    ” It sounds like the click
    of a car light and tastes
    like a hot ball in my mouth.”

    “tastes like
    a salty lime being spiced”


    “It sounds like kids tapping on a hard box and tastes like flour.”

    tastes like flour – I had to Google this – there is a flour company in Indonesia named Pearl… coincidence? 🙂

    Thank you once again for sharing, this has made me smile.
    Kind regards,

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  4. I believe the flour comparison is a coincidence, but their poems are so fresh in many ways. Some of the other teachers don’t seem to get it when I’m excited by a line or two or even word choice, but it’s so fun. Writingfix.com along with Rose, Where Did You Get That Red? and Wishes, Lies, and Dreams have been invaluable resources through the years.

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  5. Yes, it is the freshness and lack of concern about what others will think about thier writing that makes the poems surprising, also thanks for the tip – ill be checking those sites out

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  6. and the ” incense of the mud brew in the air ”
    had the meaning of coffee in one of my poems ” Unity “


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