11 comments on “Asylum Roads

  1. You have given the annoyingly catchy ‘Take me Home ‘ of Country Roads a new meaning.

    Moving … accusing … niggles the conscience. What are we doing to help?

    If you can get someone to sing this and post the words and matching pics .. might start a movement to assist them. Its plenty food for thought.

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  2. Reblogged this on Ramblin' Rose and commented:
    Andy Mersdon has penned some inspiring words – Asylum Roads – to be sung to the tune of what he calls the annoyingly catchy tune ‘Country Roads’ by John Denver .

    It really highlights the plight of refugees risking their lives to a place they long to be …

    ocean breeze, take me there
    To the place, I long to be.

    If we can’t help in any other way, let’s at least whisper a prayer daily for those on the high seas today leaving everything behind in search of asylum, refuge, freedom.

    Safe asylum, distant refuge
    Take me there
    On pure blue seas.

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  3. Rambling Rose, I have only reblogged a couple of times and I just used the ‘reblog’ button. Maybe the problem is that I posted this from my “Evernote” work book? Not a Word document. Thanks for trying and sorry I cant help… I’m slightly technically challenged 🙂


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