25 comments on “Damaged

    • Progress that harms the planet is not progress, because we depend on the earth for everything. I’m convinced that there are ways for us to meet our needs without destroying the ecosystems we depend on. But first we’ll have to learn that hoarding more resources than we could ever hope to need is not what it means to be successful.

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      • In recent years, I have seen TV shows and read articles about ‘community farms’, ‘subsistence agriculture’ and ‘small farms’ – maybe these are the ways that technology will eventually drive us and maybe it will be a good thing – waste is a completely avoidable problem.

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  1. Such a sad poem, but one that speaks much truth about the current state of environment. Until the day we start truly appreciating the true beauty of nature, I think we have to campaign harder for a cleaner environment through education.

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  2. I agree with you Mabel – education is the key. I think we may all be a bit too convinced by what television advertising tells us we need to be happy. I think we all know what makes us happy and it isn’t excess. 🙂

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