13 comments on “Wind

    • Indeed Maniparna – it sometimes seems odd when I think that you are just preparing for Summer and I am trying to remember where I stashed my favourite woollen jumper in preparation for the chill 🙂

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  1. I feel this poem a lot, Andy. My favourite line, “Snapping towels on clotheslines” Isn’t that true. The wind tends to pick up and gets blustery as we hurtle towards the middle of the year – and that wind can flap clothes about on our clothesline for hours on end 😀

    Interesting to hear you end the poem with “red roses”. A very positive note. The sight of a bright flower can be every so uplifting in the middle of winter. Hope autumn is treating you well. It is already getting too cold for my liking in Melbourne.

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    • Thanks for taking the time to read and comment Mabel – I used to live in Melbourne and I remember that it had the potential to become a little grey at this time of the year. I also remember that as it became colder and greyer, the walking tracks along the Great Ocean Road became less congested with tourists – sometimes it was like they belonged to me alone. Hope your autumn is treating you as well as mine is 🙂


      • No worries, Andy. I really like it, and you certainly have a good eye – words – for poetry. I also like the image you included. Seems to capture the sentiment of your poem nicely, and it looks like the leaves are blowing in the wind.

        It is true that the Great Ocean Road is much quieter in the cooler months. Maybe you should come for a visit again sometime since you like it 🙂

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      • Its true Mabel – the colder and windier – the more you have the walking tracks to yourself. Glad you like the pic – it is an acrylic painting I did a year or so ago 🙂 Hmmm – holiday 🙂

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