11 comments on “Colours

  1. I learned some new color words from this good-humored colorimetric canticle. The row of dark spots (that might be holes) in the photo’s colorful object suggest that it is an abalone shell. Care to reveal what it is?

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  2. The abalone looks beautiful. Stunning colours, and it must have been hard to miss 🙂

    Brilliant bit of poetry. So creative of you to bring in the non-common names of colours and making it all rhyme together. There are always more shades of colours than we think right in front of us, and that’s the beauty of nature – something might catch our eye, but sometimes we can’t help but think how mysterious it is. And that’s the way it is 🙂

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    • True Mabel – nature is constantly surprising me. Sometimes I think I know stuff about a certain thing and the next thing I know nature holds up what I thought was impossible. I love her 🙂 P.S. I photographed the abalone (Paua, pronounce Pa-Wah in Moari) on a quite beach in New Zealand – NZ always surprises me too. Thanks for chatting Mabel 🙂


      • Nature makes the impossible possible. I’ve never seen abalone as colourful and vivid as this one. It was your lucky day, our lucky find. Keep exploring and wandering, Andy. You never know what you’ll find next 🙂

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