17 comments on “Eastern Curlew (critically endangered)

  1. I saw your insightful comment to Maniparna.
    I definitely think that countries could better protect all of the native plants and animal species. My Dad got infuriated due to the amount the U.S. government spends on missiles and defense. When NASA was facing financial cuts he mentioned the elements which have more to do with humans, (than “just space,”) mechanical knowledge for quadriplegics, titanium testing for strength, medical advances due to technology learned from scientists.
    My name is a bird, Robin, so my heart goes out to this long billed, “curlew.” It reminds me of a sandpiper. 🙂

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    • Thanks Robin – I try not to get too angry 🙂 and I agree the curlew is like the sandpiper. I’m no bird expert so I find it very difficult to tell the difference between curlews, bitterns and pipers 🙂


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