14 comments on “Winter Solstice

  1. Harvest the sweet fruit…that makes me think of the warm spring and summer months ahead, Andy. Hope you had a nice winter solstice. Winter has finally hit Melbourne and I can’t wait for summer. Hope it hasn’t been too cold for you. It’s raining down here quite a bit and I got a drenching coming back from work today 😀

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    • Thanks Mabel – Tomorrow is supposed to be very cold here in Brissie (5degC), so I am in for a chilly motorcycle ride to work – then Sunday is going to be even colder and I will be on the bike again to work. Looks like I will be dragging out my big scarf and wearing two pairs of gloves 🙂 I must say though, that I would rather be just cold than caught in a downpour – hope you didn’t catch cold. Take it easy Mabel 🙂

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      • You better rug up well, Andy. Hope you do stay warm in this weather. Bring an extra scarf if you have to to shield your face and not just your neck 🙂 Too late. I caught a cold early this week and am feeling the full brunt of it now. Which means I’m on the mend 😀

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