31 comments on “Maybe I’m Crazy

  1. I tried to be an island once, but the coconuts falling off of the palm trees would crack my skull, so I gave that up quickly! Seriously, excellent poem with a lot of great questions I’m still contemplating, as well.


  2. As your wise Mum probably also knew, birds are not all that free anyway. They have their own balancing to do, and we have ours. Hardly anybody balances as well as the girls on the beam at the Olympics, but we must still try.

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  3. Beautiful and thought-provoking. Often, I find myself having these ideas: of transcending society, judgements and unspoken regulations. Society’s regulations that say one must be social, one must always participate- that means success to them. However, being alone with your thoughts is more liberating than one can imagine. You have no boundaries. Though society does not tell you this, you are free to go anywhere you want, be who you want to be. To conform to society and fit irrational ideals means to lose one’s identity. But judgement dawns upon us if we do not follow these regulations. There is always a conflict between your heart’s desires and society. What do you think, Andy?

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  4. I’ve always been fascinated by poems. It always looks so simple yet it requires so much wit and a wide range of vocabulary. Your work is truly impressive!

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  5. It takes courage to be an outlier, Andy. You can’t expect more friends for that: Having more enemies is the only exact offer for you. The more so, government would be suspicious to what you do in the next future if you’re insist on following the path.
    But, don’t worry. You’re not alone. Call me when you’re ready.

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