15 comments on “Anger

  1. I agree with Bea. This is a really dark poem. There is light, but then you bring out the darkness once again. But I suppose that is how some of us feel in rocky relationships. The things we do for love, sometimes we lose overselves and we berate ourselves for giving love. A viscious cycle.

    Lovely photography as always. One happy, one sad. Great juxtaposition.

    Hope you are having a good weekend, Andy. I had planned on going to the beach today but it turned out to be too windy so I stayed in my area. Oh well 😀

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    • Hi Mabel 🙂 I originally wanted to just write about anger, but I found it so difficult to put into words without creating a scenario… hence this one. I have no worries with my relationship with my wife and this is a fictitious event 🙂 but I have been feeling very annoyed (maybe even angry and caught up in the cycle you refer to) with somebody at work and this was my way of venting 🙂 The picture I have done a bit of work on in various iPhone apps, but it was originally a piece of poster art that I saw on a recent trip to NZ (Dunedin). Today was so steamy here in Bris and then we had a storm this evening, it has relieved us somewhat, but tomorrow is supposed to be another scorcher – maybe you need a kite Mabel 😀 Have fun, great talking to you as usual.

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  2. Anger is never a solution. It only makes us burn; first in its flames and then with repentance. But, still, we can’t control it all the time. Perhaps, it somehow also acts as a catharsis, to the pain, to the suffering we face.

    At the end of the day, it takes away something, as you’ve said…only we can’t understand what exactly it was and whether it truly belonged to us….

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