11 comments on “Mind Your Step

  1. I really like the line be kind to all, no matter how tough and overwheling times can get. It is how I like to live. Helping others is a great distraction to my own problems. And you just never know how better you can make someone’s day or life by reaching out 😊 Hope you are well and take care. Summer has finally hit Melbourne, that has made me happy 😊

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    • Glad you liked it Mabel 😊. I see on my weather app hat you are getting warm down south – shorts and singlet time again eh? 😊. It is quite warm here too so I am watching a movie on Iceland to try and cool down hahaha. Take care.

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      • Correct. It has bee very warm and today very humid and tropical like up where you are. Very happy to bust out the singlets and shorts and also flip flops 🙂 You need an ice-cream to cool down, Andy 😀

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    • Thanks Bea dM 😊. I’m glad you like this piece. I was not sure about it to start with but after a few rewrites I finally liked it. The idea is there from the beginning but sometimes it is so hard to find the words

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