11 comments on “Sieve (haiku)

  1. Such a positive poem moving into 2017. Love the warm-toned shot too. Fits perfectly with your words as usual, Andy 🙂 Hope you had a good night last night and wishing you very well for the year ahead. Something tells me this year will be a very special one, and I hope it will be the case for you. It was an overcast and drizzly first day of 2017 here in Melbourne. But it is expected to warm up again very shortly 🙂 Hope all is well up there.

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    • Hi Mabel – The first two days of 2017 have been spent in an air-conditioned house! Only venturing out side (38degC) to take the dog for a walk very early in the morning and later in the evening. I feel 2017 has to be better than the last one – even though some really good things did happen… medical breakthroughs, once thought extinct birds rediscovered, environmental contracts signed – a lot of bad stuff happened too – people suffering and homeless, rich getting richer on the spoils of war and environmental pillaging, personal tragedies within our family. 2017 feels like its going to be a good one – I hope it is for you Mabel 🙂 The picture is of my son. In the picture, he has just completed a very long hike (4days) through the mountains behind him… he flew out to New Zealand yesterday and has another 3 treks planned over there. Stay warm and dry – but not too hot 🙂 Best wishes.


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