21 comments on “Another Day

  1. A moment can be a lasting memory 😊 It sounded like a great time by the beach, not only sunrise and sunsets but also the small thing like small conversations.

    Hope all isn’t too hot for you up there, Andy. It is cool here but I’m looking forward to it heating up again next week 😊

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    • Thanks Mabel 🙂 Hope it does warm up for you … Ill try to will this weather South for you 🙂 It was a beautiful morning this morning and Yopi, my dog, loved her swim 🙂 There was a guy out on a stand-up paddle board and he looked like he was walking on the water and it made this poem start to form in my head. Take it easy 🙂

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  2. This is one of your best poems, Andy! The man could be a metaphor of inner peace of mind or the Guardian Angel …or maybe he was just a stranger. ….. the words here really are breezy…just beautiful… 🙂

    I especially loved the line, “His soul was on display”.

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