16 comments on “The Potters Gift

  1. I really like how you brought in so many shapes into this poem and as Mani said, with a specific purpose. Pottery is such an enchanting art form in that it you can create any shape with your hands. Hope you are doing well and the weather is good to you. It was very warm here in Melbourne over the last few days and I loved it. Back to cold next week, though 😀

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    • Oh Mabel – you can come up here and have the heat – it is 9am and 31 degC – forecasting 41 today! I had a great time at the gallery on Wednesday and this pottery looked fabulous as I sat on the seat listening to the water lapping (there is an indoor pond/water feature). It was so easy to write this poem in this atmosphere of peace and respect. Glad you are keeping warm and you had better dig that jumper back out for next week 😉 Take care mabel 🙂


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