9 comments on “The River (2)

  1. Sombre poem, Andy. Water starts out all fresh and then becomes not so fresh as it moves inland. It’s a fact 😦 The least we can do is reuse and recycle as we go about our lives. Would love to walk along the Brisbane river someday, sometime…it is amazing that it runs through the city, just like how Melbourne has a river running through the city too 🙂

    Take care and have a good week 😀

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    • Ive walk along the river in Melbourne too – It’s a bit different in Brisbane – there is such a long network of paths along the river. It is one of my favourite places to walk in the city. I think you would love it Mabel… it’s nice and warm 😀 Have fun!

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  2. The wind has so may things in it, isn’t it? Your poem just made me think about that. Wind is inevitable, we will cease to exist without it…it carried smell, dust, memories along with it… yet, we seldom think about this element. Wonderful poem, Andy… 🙂

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    • Thanks Mani – the wind is easy to forget about, unless it is messing with your new hairstyle 😉. And you are correct it performs a major function in our lives, not only cooling,warming, evaporation and the like, it also disperses seeds, and helps migratory birds…. And I like it because I enjoy flying kites and sailing yachts 😊.


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