6 comments on “Haiku (autumn)

  1. The mood of the photo matches the sentiments of your poem so well. It is turning into autumn. Thankfully it looks like Melbourne has another week of summer coming up 😀 Hope it isn’t cooling down too fast for you up there as of yet 😀 Enjoy your weekend.

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    • Haha thanks Mabel – it is still steamy here. All my work colleagues are complaining of no sleep because of the hot nights – roll on winter I say. Thanks for the comment. I was watching the clouds on the horizon the other morning and it occurred to me that this is the same way trouble can brew in our lives – just a shadow on the horizon which we take little heed of, and if we have not prepared ourselves for the full effect, it can indeed leave us in a world of pain or in the literal sense of the poem, the change of season can leave us with a very empty larder. Stay warm Mabel and I hope your weekend is full of fresh air and enjoyment 😊


      • Shadows can indeed start of as small, and they creep up on you even when you are most alert and on the lookout

        It wasn’t that steamy when I was up there, Andy. I actually slept with the windows open every night 😂 Some Melbourne summer nights can be cold and I can’t do that. I might hit the beach tomorrow actually 🙂

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