11 comments on “Senryu (Desire)

  1. Lovely subject, Andy. Sounds like the poem alludes to the cooler months ahead 😦 I am certainly not forward looking forward to putting on a jumper when it cools down. It looks like the warm weather is rolling on next week here in Melbourne after a bit of rain tomorrow. I already have plans to get an ice-cream outside during lunchtime at work next week 🙂

    Hope it is all well up there in Brisbane (?), Queensland. I already miss that place. And the Gold Coast too.

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    • All good up here in Brisbane Mabel, it’s 8pm and still 27 degC 😎. Just your style. I am starting to think rather dreamily about winter – I like jackets and beanies and it is way more enjoyable on a motorbike when you are not melting inside your helmet 😊. I am actually just outside of Brisbane at a place called Woody Point and from the beach I can see the city of Brisbane on e other side of the bay. Take care Mabel and I hope you don’t have to bring out the cashmere sweater too soon 😆


      • 27’C. Amazing. It is 20’C here in Melbourne but my apartment is quite warm 😏 Safety first, yes, but melting inside your helmet. So sorry to hear that 😦 Sounds like a great view. Enjoy it. I went to the beach today in Melbourne and I realised it is so poor compared to the ones in your part of town – the sand is way softer over there 😏

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      • I used to love the beaches at Port Campbell and Apollo Bay on the Great Ocean. When we lived in Melbourne, hey were our favourite places to go for a day or two. 😊. Have fun this week Mabel.


      • I hope so too – Its raining here today – Woohoo – I did enjoy my morning walk in the rain… not sure if Yopi (our dog) thought it was such a good idea 🙂 Take it easy Mabel.

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