15 comments on “Zen Garden (micro-tale)

  1. Reflective story, Andy. It reminds me of going slow – go slow, be hardworking, and you’ll get somewhere for yourself or someone 😊 Hope all is well up there and not too cold yet 😊

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    • Thanks Mabel – I think we may have said before that it is important to stop a smell the roses. I think it is equally important to build strong and comforting memories and then honouring those memories. 🙏. Weather is excellent here. Just got back from walking the dog along the beach and its 23degC with a nice breeze blowing – I’m settling in with a book for the night. Hope your Easter is chocolate filled 😀


      • Slowing down is always a wise idea – as you said, we make memories. Create and cherish memories, such a great feeling.

        I am jealous of your weather. We are already having single degree nights in Melbourne 😦 23’C sounds like such a treat. I have way too much chocolate at home, and I hope you too Andy 😀


  2. For me, today was the perfect day to read this evocative piece. I made my first daffodil bouquet of 2017, filling the urn that had held my late wife’s ashes with a bouquet of flowers from bulbs she planted many years ago.

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