12 comments on “Micro Tales x 3

  1. Three lovely poems. I really like the fog one, and how it touches on the green grass. Sometimes we can’t have what we want. We can only have what we see in the moment.

    Hope autumn is treating you well. Getting way too cold for my liking here but we had a mild weekend 😀

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    • Thanks Mabel – you’re right about not getting everything we want, but maybe there is a light at the end if we give it a go… or have a friend with a torch 😉 Its cooling down nicely here – I have to put a fleecy vest under my motorcycle jacket on the way to work in the morning (05:20) coming home in the afternoon is a lot more comfortable. Take care Mabel and thanks for reading and chatting – you’re awesome – even if you don’t like quince paste with cheese 😉


  2. I found a subtle connection between the three…like, the person in ‘blue’ is finding hope and joy again in ‘green’ and finally embraces love in ‘orange’. 🙂 Maybe, it’s my imagination only… 😀 but I liked to interpret the set in this way…

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