17 comments on “Happy Anniversary 

  1. What a lovely tribute to your folks, Andy. 60 years. That’s quite a milestone and sounds like they are quite the couple through thick and thin. Here’s to wishing them many more years together. Hope you enjoy your 19-20’C, Andy. We are averaging 10-12’C in the day :/ But that means summer will be here soon 😀

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    • I love your optimism Mabel. And thank you for your kind words – Mum and Dad are pretty special to me 😊. Stay warm – it’s pouring with rain here at the moment, I hope it stops before tomorrow morning – it’s not much fun on a motorbike 😊

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  2. How lovely a tribute and blessings sent their way. Congratulations for 60 years of marriage to Andy’s parents. Mom and Dad would have reached 62 wedded blissful years, this past February. Dad worked with nuclear energy and smoked cigarettes. . . Mom has been alone for 16 years.

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      • I still have my Mom. ❤ She will be 89 this year.
        I probably was writing with sleepy eyes, rushed the words. My Dad passed away in 2001. It is sort of odd, but he was a NASA nuclear engineer. He said once he read and then saw, “2001: A Space Odyssey”~ “I hope I live until 2001 to see how much progress we have made in space exploration.”
        At the time, I was shocked and told him not to say such things. (Actually scolded him!) I believe he may have programmed this into his brain since he died in January of that year.
        In a way it was a blessing, since it would have made him so sad to have seen 9/11. We missed him all these years, though. Thank you for your kind regards. 😊

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