17 comments on “Tanka (Venus)

    • Thank you Mani – the phrase came to me as I walked the dog along the foreshore at dusk and Venus was shining the brightest amongst a plethora of stars,not was an almost breathtakingly clear evening 😊❤️


  1. I agree with Mani. ‘harem of the stars’ is used so beautifully. There is something so magical about that time just before the sun goes up and down…in a way, we can’t control it and it’s like we’re seeing magic right before our eyes. Hope all is well with you, Andy. Winter is in full force over here.

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    • Thank you Mabel – dawn and evening are my favourite times too. March next year we go to Iceland and it will not only be very cold, but we may see the midnight sunset 😊. That will be special. Stay warm, only about 80 days until spring 😉


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