10 comments on “Haiku (Bay of Flames)

  1. Short and sweet haiku as usual, Andy. You described that rock elegantly. That red rock certainly looks fiery. Combined with the lovely blue sky and sunny weather, it reminds me of summer – so near yet still feels so far away. Hope you are doing great up there in Queensland. It’s still horribly cold here in Melbourne. I wanted to buy a new winter jacket the other day and quite a few of the shops have already packed up their winter gear. Oh well 😀

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    • Thanks Mabel 🙂 The pic was taken just North of St Helens, in Tasmania – it was pretty chilly, but spectacular! Maybe you will be able to pick up a bargain on a winter jacket once the summer stock is out and the shops try to create floor space… I do love a good bargain 🙂 Stay warm Mabel… not long ’til Summer

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    • I am told it is a type of lichen, Patty – must be pretty tough stuff – that’s the Pacific Ocean out there and the air temp when I took the pic was around 7degC (a warm day for winter).

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      • Since it provides a spectacular view, for me, it doesn’t have to come of 😉 Brrr, that’s still cold, although in Winter we have those temperatures too…but a view like that warms the soul, so thank you for sharing! XxX

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