7 comments on “Lost then Found

  1. Oh yes, hope the sun will shine this spring. Lovely poem to usher in spring. Very upbeat, and I like how you say that spring is ours. It is the season that is ours to make, time to go out and enjoy the incoming warmth. It certainly is a season of renewal, and also one for seeing and feeling the extra light that’s about to fall over all during the next half of the year 🙂 Hope it is a good start to spring for you. Here in Melbourne we had a lovely weekend but it’s going to be 12-13’C in the day all of next week 😦 But still hopeful that spring will hit us in one big hit 😀

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    • Your spring will be with you soon Mabel 🙂 Warm here – around 25 but dry and no rain in sight. Got to keep watering the plants with the Westerly winds sucking the moisture from everything. Stay warm 🙂

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  2. Lovely poem, dear Andy.
    Autumn just arrived over here, not looking forward to the rainy days when I have to walk our dog…but it’s also a season I have more time to create indoors; that time I look forward too. Sending you a big hug again. XxX

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