10 comments on “Haiku (Give and Take)

  1. So beautifully conveyed, and very apt to tag it with the theme of change and friendship. Not all of us and not every situation will see eye to eye, and sometimes we can’t control the way things are or the way we feel. We take what we can, and give what we’ve got.

    Hope spring is well underway for you. We are only pushing past 20’C late next week. I cannot wait. Long time coming 😀

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    • Yes indeed Mabel – we are pretty fragile creatures when it comes to the way we feel. We will not ale
      Ways be on he same path as somebody else but it is up to us to give what we can and receive what we find necessary. Been really windy here, but not too chilly. Stay warm Mabel… Summer will arrive for you 😊👍

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