10 comments on “Tangled

    • Cheers Mr Mel 🙂 This and my next poem are on the same topic. It always amazes me how I think I have forgotten about something or moved on past a particularly nasty episode and then out of the blue, I find myself working it over again in my mind. Its a complete waste of time of course and takes me away from what I would rather be thinking about… mmmmmmm chocolate! 😉

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  1. I like the two different sides to this poem, Andy. There’ll be both challenging and better times. Sometimes no matter how hard a time we just have to look up and move forwards. Haha, I’ve burned my fair share of bridges in life, personal and professional relationships and it never it pleasant.

    Hope this week is a good one for you. We had a very pleasant weekend close to 30’C but next week it looks like back to 15’C 😦 😀

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    • Sitting here in my office Mabel it is currently 25degC and 8am. My fan keeps switching itself off and I am thinking the beach is a far more sensible option haha. Take care Mabel, stay warm next week and thanks for always supporting me 🙂 you are very kind.

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