13 comments on “Shadowed Morning

  1. Beautiful write, Andy. Love how you slowly painted the approaching rain and darker weather bit by bit. Very clever use of visuals and words to draw us in. Beautiful flower shot too. Interesting way to end it, and it sounds like a positive note – amidst all the sombre and melancholic tones which seems to come across in a lot of your poems. I suppose those of us who are obliged to see the positive side of things will always find a way to make it through to another day. Hope you have a good week ahead. After a couple of 30’C+ degree weeks, we are back to 20’C for the start of summer 😞😂

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    • Cheers Mabel. I know that you will always see the positive in everything and I am thankful that you point it out to me 😀🙏. I enjoyed writing this one and it has had a couple of iterations before I put it up. The flower is from the Cotton Tree, which is a typical coastal tree here in Queensland and grows all the way along the beachfront where we walk 😊. I love it’s brightness and its fragility. Stay warm Mabel – hope the weather improves for you. I hear it is flooding down your way. 😳

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    • Thanks Mani 😊🙏. I am very happy that you liked it. I do look at things in a slightly different way to regular observers I think. Sometimes I say something to my wife or friend about a scene and they look at me blankly. I think you see the same things as me Mani – your poetry shows me that 😊. Blessings to you and your family from Australia 🙏😊


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