9 comments on “Haiku (Rainbow)

  1. What a lovely cheeky flash of rainbow you caught there, Andy. Lovely poem as usual. Agree, simplicities are the best things. They are right here, right now. Hope Singapore was good 🙂 It was supposed to be 35’C here this weekend but that has now been scaled down 😦 Oh well summer is just about 8 or so months away 🙂

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  2. Thanks Mabel. Yes you would love it here today – around 36degC. 😅. We are heading up to Malacca for a couple of days tomorrow – looking forward to the food and slower pace. Stay warm Mabel. Ought about you today – I was in Daiso and the have these little packets that are hand warmers…. Think they warm by chemical reaction, I bought some for my winter motorcycling. Have fun 😊🙏


  3. That flashing rainbow peeping through the clouds… you are clicking like a pro. The beauty of nature lies in small, simple things. You are blessed to capture them beautifully through your lens and words…

    By the way, I’m expecting some breathtaking pictures/write-ups from your trip. Looking forward… 🙂

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