6 comments on “You n Me (an Etheree)

  1. A very calming and reflective poem, Andy. Sometimes you wonder how many more great moments we have with someplace, something, someone. Life is strange, and maybe good, and maybe many more great moments. Hope you are well up there and warm days are on the way for you šŸ˜

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    • Thanks Mabel – Im pretty sure we have a few more years of excitement left in us šŸ™‚ Raining here today which is a nice change and a good excuse to get stuck into a book and maybe do some writing. Have fun down there and keep warm šŸ™‚


    • Thanks Patty – I’ve been going through a period of not knowing what to write. I’ve written, but not ‘post worthy’ stuff. Been having a few pain related issues. But I’m fine and have a couple of things bubbling away in the back of my head, that I am looking forward to tumbling onto the page šŸ˜€ Take care Patty

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