2 comments on “Zephyr

  1. Another great poem you wrote, Andy. Great description of the water and the shore meeting each other. The line ‘Of coconut oil and Chanel’ stood out to me…you captured a dose of reality there. Some do like tanning and fancy things along the beach 😉 ‘Zephyr’ Reminds me of a certain Red Hot Chilli Peppers song… Hope you are well, Andy. Enjoy your ‘winter’ up there and hope Melbourne was not too cold for you 🙂


    • Cheers Mabel 🙂 I love that Chilli Peppers song! All good here in sunny (fairly chilly) Brissie. We had a great time in Melbourne and caught up with friends, ate food, visited galleries, drank coffee… all the good Melbourne things. Stay Warm 🙂

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