14 comments on “Living Colour

  1. Very, very bright and bold picture from you, Andy. Love how it turned out. It looks like such a peaceful place, and those two trees look like they have each other 😉 This shot you took while you took hiking makes we want to go out and explore the country more 😀 Lovely poem, too. When we love through life, we go through ups and downs and learn. And the more we learn, the more feel ready for anything – and confident with ourselves, at peace 🙂

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  2. Beautiful haiku, Andy. I loved the first line…impregnated with so much wisdom! We all come to this world as a blank canvas, blind and oblivious to the colours it has to offer. With time, we come to know of different shades of life…dark or light. I genuinely wish we leave the earth attaining peace… 🙂

    The picture is stunning!

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