24 comments on “This Life

    • Thanks Rambling Rose – I took the pic just outside of a town called Stanthorpe, Australia. Not sure if you know but the bird is a King Parrot. Thanks again for you comment 😊🙏


  1. Very fitting for daylight savings ending later today, Andy. A heart of fresh air and love is to be desired…often that is what is left when the world moves and change comes our way 😊 Hope the weekend is treating you well. Going way to fast for me, so many things to do 😞😂

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    • Thanks Mabel. Change can indeed send a breath of fresh air our way. I hope you manage to squeeze everything in to your hectic weekend 😊. My wife and I are heading to GOMA(gallery of modern art) this morning, so I am pretty happy about that – there is one particular installation about traditional music from around the world that I am looking forward to seeing again. Take care Mabel 😊

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  2. Firstly, I love, love, love that pic… ! It’s just so beautiful!

    Secondly, you’ve so beautifully placed your thoughts here, Andy. Each day, with the rise of the sun, a new journey becomes, a journey with our friends and family… their presence inspires us to work harder and make our life meaningful… 🙂

    Thirdly, happy to see your daad’s comment up there. Convey my regards to him… 🙂

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