6 comments on “Reality

  1. No problem at Mango Hill bought my packet of four toilet rolls and two boxes tissues and didn’t even have to queue ,no fights or tussles to watch , bit of a let down really .


  2. Such an apt poem for the times, Andy. I liked the line ‘And pasta that isn’t wholegrain’ a lot. Personally I like normal pasta, but wholegrain pasta is a thing for some of us I guess. I was wondering if I came back on here would you have a poem, and you had quite a few 😀 Hope you are doing well and stay safe.

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    • Thanks Mabel – wholegrain pasta is good with certain things, like a tuna pasta bake, yum 🙂 Doing fine here Mabel, getting the dog out for a walk a couple of times a day for exercise and doing online pilates classes. If i’m honest I am not having as many alcohol free evenings as i should, but its not worrying haha! I hope you are keeping safe and well Mabel, as well as happy and sane. Take care and enjoy the quiet while it lasts *virtual and appropriately distanced hug* 😀


  3. “They change us
    Maybe even remove
    Any sense of sensibility
    And we find ourselves”

    Love these lines and how profound they are on their own and in the context of your poem and of this new manic reality of lockdown and hoarding. Thank you for giving words to the fears and feelings of our current situation.


    • Thank you for taking time to read and comment Jaime. These are strange times and I’m not sure if we will ever return to the lifestyle we lived merely months ago. Stay safe, happy and sane 🙂


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