10 comments on “Hope

  1. Beautiful piece of poetry on unrequited love, and the thought of wanting to be with someone but somehow, the stars aren’t aligning…at least in a given moment. Subtle gestures can certainly be misread. In fact, any gesture can be misread. I think many of us tend to miss subtle gestures, or only pick them up when the moment has passed sometime later down the track. I’m someone who is observant, and like observing body language of those who are in my company. But even if we are able to read body gestures, sometimes they really don’t tell the whole story of someone.

    Hope you are well, Andy, and it isn’t too cold for you πŸ™‚

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    • I must admit to being a gesture watcher πŸ™‚ and sometimes this can lead me down the wrong track – but usually not. Thanks for reading Mabel take it easy and as far as I’m concerned it is never too cold…. at least not here in Queensland haha

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