10 comments on “Insidious

  1. Deep and dark poem, Andy. As per your tags to this post, I think that is what guilt and a sense of betrayal does to us – they creep up within us, slowly but surely, and eat away at not just our mind, but our soul as well. Interesting choice of photo to go with the poem. The tree branches seem to go up and up…something that negative feelings do to us – they keep on going round and round within us.

    Hope you had a good weekend and here’s to a good week to you. It was very warm here in Melbourne over the last few days and I could not have been happier 😀

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      • Sorry Mabel I hit the send button instead of space 🙂 what I was going to say was, the trees also had a twisted and tortured look about them and I think that is how guilt feels inside (at least for me) – insinuating itself into every fibre of our being and every thought – its a terrible waste of time 🙂 Im glad you’re finding the ‘shorts and singlet’ weather to your liking… me, I can’t wait for winter haha. Take care Mabel and stay happy 🙂

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  2. Good and effective, but oh so dark. Which is why I decided not to “like” – after all, words have meanings, and like means like. I hope all’s well, here it’s freezing.

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