10 comments on “Haibun (Scorpio)

  1. I like this. It ends with a great “plot twist” and the Haiku literally gave me a shiver. Very good sense of aware. Honestly the first Haibun I’ve liked. No sense of the melancholia or morbid memories that identify the form. You saved it for the end.

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  2. You see much more than I do on my morning walk, other walkers and joggers with and without dogs, lots of birds, building sites beginning to fire up, night watchmen and early arrivers stretching and scratching , unlike your sea the lake is calm and placid just as beautiful in its own way the tranquility of it probably reflex my advancing years, just a thought.

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  3. This has an old feel to it, Andy. Like a long ago memory, while you were young and becoming acquainted with the “ways of the world.” I liked the haibun. It was a little abrupt, not as sure drag queens is still not as human sounding. Am I wrong to think this may have changed. . . (?)


  4. Thanks for reading 🙂 This was a fresh memory for me – in fact I wrote it upon returning from my morning walk and ‘meeting’ the drag-queen/crossdressser/transvestite… not sure of the appropriate word, but I hear all of the terms used without malice on occassion 🙂 I do love seeing the last few stars in the sky, just before the sunrise. I like to imagine those philosophers and celestial observers of ancient Roman time joining the stars, to create the constellations we know today.


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